Ornamental & Industrial Welding & Fabrication

Comprehensive Metal Welding & Fabrication Services

Add a custom touch to your Shepherd or surrounding MT home or business

Building a new home or business that would look great with a custom handrail? Razor Creek Welding offers a variety of welding and fabrication services that can add a personal touch to any Shepherd or surrounding area property. Whether you want an ornate metal handrail built around your front porch or another piece of custom work to show off at your home or business, Luke Joppa at Razor Creek Welding can make it happen.

Welding repairs for trailers & other farm equipment

In addition to creating custom handrails and fabricating other metal pieces for Shepherd, Billings and surrounding area homes and businesses, Razor Creek Welding also performs repair jobs on a variety of farm equipment. Luke regularly does trailer welding repairs. For ultimate convenience, you have the option of bringing your farm equipment to the Razor Creek Welding Shop or having Luke come to you.

Proudly serving the Shepherd, Billings and surrounding Montana community

Razor Creek Welding is dedicated to providing exceptional welding and fabrication services to the Shepherd, Billings, and surrounding Montana community. That’s why completing the job correctly and in a timely fashion is such a high priority – we want to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the finished product. Simply pick up the phone and give Luke a call at 406-208-2184 today to discuss your welding and fabrication needs.

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